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Angelina Jolie Discusses Past Drug Addiction Issues

Angelina Jolie has popped up in the media in the past, doing interviews, signing autographs and posing for pictures. In one of those interviews, Jolie talked about her life in the spotlight and discussed some of the details of her past issues with drug abuse and addiction.

Jolie told 60 Minutes: “I went through heavy, darker times and I survived them. I didn’t die young, so I’m very lucky. There are other artists and people who didn’t survive certain things.”[1]

Cocaine Abuse, Heroin Abuse

Angelina JolieWhile Jolie refused to indulge in the details of her abuse of different drugs and alcohol and which incidents were most threatening to her life, she did say about her experience that it was “nothing I want to go into a lot of detail about, but I think people can imagine that I did the most dangerous and I did the worst. For many reasons I shouldn’t be here. You think of those too many times where you came close to too many dangerous things, too many chances taken too far.”[2]

Others have shared a bit more detail, however. Her self-proclaimed former dealer, Franklin Meyer, told Life & Style that: “We’d see each other two to three times a week when she was in town. [Angelina Jolie] would buy cocaine and also heroin.” Meyer went on to say that Jolie would buy cocaine and heroin from him twice a week, using the drugs in public. She was 21 years old when they met and was a regular customer for years. Says Meyer: “She would generally spend about $100 each time – that would buy maybe half a gram of coke and a 10th of a gram of heroin. She would snort the cocaine and the heroin in front of me. It didn’t seem to matter to her who else was there.”[3]

Teen Drug Abuse and Depression

Jolie has also discussed the self-destructive feelings she experienced as a teen and young adult, fighting depression and using drugs as a way out.

Said Jolie: “I knew little about the world and I was completely self-absorbed. I used to think I was unstable, because I had this thirst for something.[4] I could never figure out what it was. I couldn’t sleep at night, and I always wanted to be somewhere else, and I have a window tattooed, this little box, and it’s because wherever I was, I wanted to be somewhere else. And I always saw myself—wherever I was in life—staring out the window.”

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

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