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Are Sober Living Homes Coed?

Are Sober Living Homes Coed?

Sober living homes are a great next step for many after completing residential rehab. They provide a structured living environment so that healing can continue. Many are in regular neighborhoods so it feels more comfortable for the residents, but all the residents share a commitment to sober living — as well as daily responsibilities.

Like choosing a treatment center, sober living homes offer different types of living situations, particularly concerning who lives in the home. Some sober living homes are coed while others are single-gendered. It’s helpful to consider what setting will be most beneficial to your situation.

Benefits of Coed Sober Living Homes

Coed sober living homes provide a number of benefits to residents, including the following:
  • Learning how to communicate with both genders
  • Getting different perspectives on situations as you naviate new-found sobriety
  • Connecting with opposite gender “siblings” in the group who offer companionship and may serve as a mentor
  • Learning how to remain focused on recovery despite the temptation to develop a romantic relationship with a peer

Romantic relationships between residents is never allowed in a rehab or a sober living home so that residents can focus solely on continued healing and re-entry. By maintaining a no-dating boundary among residents, close peer relationships can develop across genders. When there is a mix of age groups, more authentic familial-style relationships often form. These interactions can provide unique perspectives that can be beneficial to therapeutic growth and processing of past family relationships and ongoing issues in recovery.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Sober Living Residences

In some cases, living in close quarters with the opposite sex is uncomfortable. Residents who have had negative experiences with the opposite sex may not feel safe or comfortable in a coed environment. Opening up in a therapeutic setting or addressing certain issues in recovery around the other gender may be especially difficult for abuse survivors. Gay and lesbian residents may feel more comfortable choosing a gender-specific residence as well.

One of the major benefits of a single-gender sober living situation is the option of intensive focus on issues that are common for each gender in recovery. Women may focus on managing hormonal changes and how they affect recovery, workplace issues and family expectations and responsibilities women must navigate. Men may get the assistance they need to deal with workplace and career pressures, physical issues that are problematic for men and family relationship assistance specific to their needs.

How to Choose the Best Sober Living Home for You

Which is the right choice for your situation: a gender-specific sober living home or a coed sober living environment?

Here are a few questions to consider as you make your choice:
  • Will I be able to focus on my recovery if I have peers of the opposite sex who are constantly around me?
  • Will I feel free to talk about certain issues that may be holding me back in recovery in front of both genders?
  • What assistance do I need in recovery, and will the presence of the opposite sex in any way thwart that goal?

We want to help you in your recovery. If you or a loved one is looking for a sober living home, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline at the top of this page to talk with one of our admissions coordinators about what type of home will best fit your needs. Please call now.
By Becca Owens