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Can Methadone Cause Personality Disorders?

There is a strong link between the abuse of methadone and personality disorders. In general, there is a connection between a great number of personality disorders and opioid addictions. The more you know about the true impact of being addicted to methadone, the better equipped you will be to break away from the opioid addiction that is controlling your life.

Methadone and Personality Disorders

Studies have shown that those who are addicted to methadone demonstrate a specific set of personality traits that are indicative of a personality disorder.

Some of these traits include the following:

  • Neuroticism
  • Anti-social tendencies
  • Paranoia
  • Impulsivity
  • Short temper
  • Hostility
  • Loss of self-esteem

These same traits can also be indicative of a true mental disorder, which can make diagnosis a bit tricky sometimes. You may struggle with coming to terms with the changes in yourself or your loved one but may not readily attribute the changes to an addiction. With the personality concerns often building up over time, methadone abuse is not always suspected as being the primary culprit behind the personality alterations.

Depression and thoughts of suicide can also accompany methadone abuse. Hostility to family and friends, no longer enjoying things that were once a source of comfort and entertainment and displaying the signs of paranoid personality disorders or even some form of schizoid personality disorder are all markers that could potentially mask the fact that you are addicted to methadone.

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Recovering from Methadone Abuse

Methadone is often used as a substitute for those who are weaning themselves off of heroin. While these types of programs offered at a licensed methadone clinic can be effective, they are not a good choice for individuals with personality disorders or mental health concerns.

Group counseling sessionIn order to truly get the right type of help for an addiction to methadone and personality disorders, you need to seek out treatment in a rehab facility that can offer you dual diagnosis treatment.

What this means is that you will receive treatment from medical professionals who recognize that you are addicted to methadone and are also displaying the signs of a mental health problem and potentially issues with personality disorders.

You will then receive customized treatment plans that work to address both the addiction to methadone and your personality disorder so that you are treated holistically. You are not treated simply as someone struggling with addiction or a personality disorder. Rather, you are treated as a whole. This will help to ensure that your recovery is comprehensive and successful.

Getting Help for Methadone Abuse

If you or a loved one is addicted to methadone, call our toll-free helpline today at 760-548-4032. We can help guide you to a methadone detox program that will treat both the addiction to methadone and personality disorders, while also effectively addressing mental health concerns. You are not alone and don’t have to face your addiction by yourself. Call us today.