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Can Rohypnol Affect My Memory?

Rohypnol is intended for use in treating insomnia that occurs on an occasional basis, but it is best known as a popular date rape drug. Rohypnol is often ground into a powder and put in an unknowing person’s drink, resulting in memory loss and inhibited decision-making and motor skills. Rohypnol is also abused recreationally.

Abusing Rohypnol recreationally causes all of the same effects that unintentional Rohypnol use can have. Using Rohypnol will drastically affect your memory causing short-term memory loss that may result in unintended actions and consequences.

Rohypnol’s Effects on Memory

You may abuse Rohypnol because it allows you to escape the stress of everyday life or because you think it alleviates symptoms of other problems, but the side effects of Rohypnol will get to you. At first, short-term memory loss may not affect you or may not seem like a major problem, but the more you abuse Rohypnol, the less you will be able to remember. You will miss important moments in your life because you abused Rohypnol and will not be able to remember what happened. Abusing Rohypnol is like hiding from life, and the more you hide from life, the less you will experience.

Regain Memory: Quit Rohypnol

There is no way to counter the memory loss you experience when abusing Rohypnol, so if you want to regain your memory, you must quit abusing Rohypnol. Quitting Rohypnol on your own can be difficult, so if you are serious about quitting Rohypnol, you need to seek professional addiction treatment. Professional Rohypnol addiction treatment will help you stop using Rohypnol and give you the knowledge and tools you need to stay off Rohypnol. During treatment, your memory will begin to sharpen, and you will begin to feel better. After treatment, your memory should become as strong as it was before Rohypnol, although you likely will not be able to regain memories lost while on Rohypnol.

Quitting Rohypnol for Good

Users that want to quit using Rohypnol and regain memory back should call our toll-free helpline where our trained addiction experts are standing by 24 hours a day to help users learn more about addiction treatment and make the best decisions regarding their treatment. Our addiction experts can answer any questions you have and direct you to an effective Rohypnol addiction treatment center. Pick up the phone and call now.