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Drug Abuse

Drug Addiction is Selfish

The focus is often on how drug addiction hurts the addict, but the fact is, there are few acts more selfish than drug abuse and addiction. The impact on communities where the drugs are produced, the individuals coerced into trafficking the drugs across borders, the cost to the community where they are used and the … Continue reading Drug Addiction is Selfish

December 14, 2011

Drug Abuse

Priest Accused of Drug Addiction and Other Scandals

Father John Corapi has been accused of drug addiction and sexual improprieties and has been forced to cancel multiple Catholic Charities fundraising events as a result. While the sexual misconduct may not surprise many readers, the reports of drug addiction may be somewhat scandalous. The charges, made by a former employee, have rocked the Illinois … Continue reading Priest Accused of Drug Addiction and Other Scandals

April 22, 2011

Cocaine Abuse

Drug Abuse Makes You Stupid

On This Page: Drugs and the Brain Cocaine and the Brain Cocaine Addiction Rehab Rehab at Michael’s House The fact that drugs change brain chemistry and alter brain function, affecting the areas that control inhibition, logic, sight, hearing, and thought process is a concept that most people learn at an early age. Elementary and middle … Continue reading Drug Abuse Makes You Stupid

October 24, 2010

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