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Crystal Meth Addiction

3 Goals of Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Recovery after crystal meth addiction is unlike recovery after addiction to most other drugs. While avoiding relapse always requires constant vigilance, the cravings for most drugs decrease over time. Not so for crystal meth addicts. Studies have shown that after a few months of abstinence, when all is seemingly balanced without drugs of any kind, … Continue reading 3 Goals of Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

October 8, 2010

Drug Abuse

Drug Addiction and Marriage

There are few things that can harm a marriage as thoroughly as a drug addiction. Certainly, many people who struggle with substance use manage to save their relationships and sometimes even grow stronger through their recovery. But many marriages do not survive the damage addiction inflicts. Consider a few ways that an untreated drug addiction … Continue reading Drug Addiction and Marriage

September 17, 2010