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Opiate Addiction

Are There Homeopathic Treatments for Opiate Addiction?

With opiate addiction rates soaring and the cost of treatment out of reach for many, people often search for alternative way out addiction for themselves and their loved ones. Thousands of homeopathic approaches and herbal therapies are one Google search away, promising all manner of detox benefits for opioid addiction.

November 2, 2018

Opiate Addiction

Opioid Drug Use and Myoclonus

Myoclonus is involuntary twitching in a muscle or group of muscles. It is not a disease, but it can be a symptom of a nervous system disorder or other physical health issue. Some health concerns that can involve myoclonus include the following: Multiple sclerosis Parkinson’s disease Alzheimer’s disease Epilepsy Low Blood Pressure Myoclonus that isn’t … Continue reading Opioid Drug Use and Myoclonus

August 26, 2018

Opiate Addiction

Types of Opiate Treatment

On This Page: The Severity of  Dependency Issues in Treatment Drugs Used in Medical Addiction Treatment Drug-Free Recovery Naturally occurring in nascent pods of the poppy plant, opium is a potent sedative that has given way to intoxication over the course of thousands of years. Acting on the body’s Central Nervous System (CNS), opium acts … Continue reading Types of Opiate Treatment

April 27, 2018

Opiate Addiction

Opiate Addiction Statistics

The US government invests money in research on drug trends across the country. Keeping a record of how many individuals are addicted to drugs, and what percentage of drug rehabilitation intake assessments are attributable to a particular drug, helps the government make decisions regarding action and legislation in the fight against drug use. In terms … Continue reading Opiate Addiction Statistics

April 27, 2018

Drug Addiction

10% of Patients with Painkiller Scripts Develop Addiction

On This Page: Mitigating Painkiller Abuse and Addiction Alternative Pain Management Treatment Can Help Painkiller addiction in the United States has skyrocketed in the last decade. For example, in 2012, healthcare providers wrote 259 million painkiller prescriptions. This amount is enough for every American adult to have a bottle of pills.[1] Despite widespread education available … Continue reading 10% of Patients with Painkiller Scripts Develop Addiction

April 8, 2015

Drug Addiction

Rich People and Heroin: The Path to a Deadly Addiction

Once associated with poor inner cities, heroin use has a new image. It’s the chic drug of choice for some in upper-income brackets in exclusive neighborhoods. In some cases, drug dealers make personal deliveries to these fashionable areas, and they even run specials to attract their young, urban professional clientele.[1] In fact, heroin use is … Continue reading Rich People and Heroin: The Path to a Deadly Addiction

July 25, 2013

Drug Detox

Does Morphine Make Pain Worse?

Morphine is often a go-to prescription for pain management, especially for people who struggle with chronic pain. In the United States, that’s no small number: About 100 million Americans are living with chronic pain, according to The American Academy of Pain Medicine. Additionally, the FDA reports that about 23 million prescriptions were given for long-acting … Continue reading Does Morphine Make Pain Worse?

March 29, 2013

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