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Dual Diagnosis Treatment for LGBT Patients

If you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender and need addiction rehab, you may want to consider a treatment designed with alternative sexual orientation in mind. Drug and alcohol treatment has evolved greatly over the last decade, now providing specialty treatment options that offer greater understanding of LGBT issues alongside customized treatment solutions.

While addiction treatment can vary greatly in quality and scope of care between addiction treatment centers, LGBT friendly rehabilitation options exist that offer confidential, compassionate therapy in a tolerant environment.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual Diagnosis treatment, also known as integrated treatment, works to heal you as an entire person. Designed to treat addiction and co-occurring mental or emotional health issues at the same time, Dual Diagnosis treatment can help LGBT individuals navigate the psychological reasons behind addiction and better enable them to cope with issues such as the following:

Dual Diagnosis and the LGBT Community

In some cases, society’s prejudice towards those with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender orientations causes an immeasurable amount of emotional obstacles and stress for targeted individuals. Many LGBT individuals face ongoing social rejection, become the victims of bullying and are forced to cope with feelings of both estrangement and harassment.

Rainbow heart in handsThese unique stressors can lead to the development of psychological issues secondary to addiction, including clinical depression, anxiety disorders or dissociative disorders. As a result, many LGBT individuals find themselves turning to drugs or alcohol in order to escape these continually painful experiences. In many cases, addiction has developed due to attempts to self-medicate emotional or psychological pain with alcohol and drugs.

By selecting an LGBT rehabilitation center with Dual Diagnosis capacity, LGBT individuals can access both mental health care and addiction treatment simultaneously.

Dual Diagnosis treatment programs for LGBT patients are designed especially for men and women who identify as transgender, bisexual, gay or lesbian, and geared towards treating the unique emotional issues they face – rather than simply medicating them away (though medication can sometimes be offered alongside therapy for those who need it). These mental health services are offered in conjunction with LGBT addiction treatment to enable those with alternative sexualities to heal psychologically and physically without fear of judgment.