Counseling for LGBT Substance Abuse

The LGBT population has endured a long struggle to achieve equal rights and equal treatment in addiction – a battle that unfortunately continues in many regions of the country. Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender individuals often face a host of issues that complicate recovery – including social stigmas, strained relationships with relatives, daily encounters with … Continue reading Counseling for LGBT Substance Abuse

Mental Health and Addiction Treament

The Tragic Problem of Rohypnol, Roofies, and Trauma

In the early 1990s awareness increased about a drug that was often referred to as the “date rape” drug. Known on the streets as “roofies,” Rohypnol has never been approved for any medical use in the United States. Therefore, it is illegal to manufacture, distribute or possess Rohypnol in this country. According to the Rape Treatment … Continue reading The Tragic Problem of Rohypnol, Roofies, and Trauma

Drug Abuse

Origins of Rohypnol

Rohypnol is a central nervous system depressant that is classified as a benzodiazepine. Doctors commonly prescribe benzodiazepines for anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, seizure control, muscle relaxation and to induce amnesia for surgery. Misuse of this form of drug frequently leads to drug problems such as substance abuse or even addiction. Although benzodiazepines such as Valium or Xanax … Continue reading Origins of Rohypnol

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