Outpatient Clinical Assistant

Jack Andrus, B.S., CADACII

Jack Andrus is the Outpatient Clinical Assistant at Michael’s House. Jack is directly involved in client care, facilitating group therapy as well as meeting with clients regarding individual needs. Jack has a Bachelor’s degree in business management and is a certified alcohol and drug counselor with the state of California.

Jack has an extensive history working in the addiction treatment field. He worked at the Betty Ford Center for 13 years in multiple clinical positions. He worked as the outpatient counselor for the Betty Ford Center for eight years as well as working as counselor in the inpatient program, admissions counselor and client care manger. Jack is a testament to personal recovery working in an individual’s life as his journey started with personal recovery in the Betty Ford Center’s outpatient program, then continued with him later returning after education and work experience in the field of counseling in the very program he completed. Jack has worked in the business world as a sole proprietor of a rental car agency with Hertz car rentals as well as managerial experience in the hotel business. Jack was the night manager for the Kauai Surf Hotel on the Island of Kauai and lived there for ten years.

Jack is an avid golfer, and he enjoys the outdoors, movies and a good book. He has lived in Pam Springs for many years and is proud to call Palm Springs his home after growing up back east and then moving to Hawaii.