Admissions Manager

Janet Hardin, BA

Janet Hardin has been working with Michael’s House in the Intake and Admissions department since 2014. As the Intake Manager, Hardin has demonstrated commitment to safely bringing patients into treatment and to creating a seamless intake process. Born in New Jersey, Hardin earned her Bachelor’s in Women’s Studies and in Political Science from Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Healthcare Administration degree from Colorado State University. Hardin has extensive experience advocating for patient needs. Early in her career, she was a medical assistant at Planned Parenthood. Hardin went on to hold roles in the political consulting/legal field and in youth advocacy. Hardin prides herself in her patient-centered compassion and in her availability to patients, families, and referents as they navigate the early stages of finding treatment. Hardin is a proud member of the recovery community. She spends her time off work with her son and their dog, Margo.