Director of Nursing and Program

Kathy Rosales LVN

Kathy Rosales, LVN, is the Director of Nursing and Program for Michael’s House Stabilization Center. Kathy has been an LVN for eight years with six of these years spent working in mental health and addiction. She has been with Michael’s House for approximately five years and prior to that worked at an acute psychiatric hospital.

Working for Michael’s House has been a wonderful experience for Kathy. As a lead nurse, her job duties vary. Part of her duties include supervising the nursing staff and working closely with consulting doctors to stabilize detoxing patients. She also works closely with the team of therapists, providing them with updated medical information or helping to address any behaviors when needed. The best part of her job is working with patients, whether it be on a one-on-one basis, educating them on importance of medication compliance, or in a group setting, discussing detox symptoms.