Business Development Manager

Renee Baribeau

Renee Baribeau is a gifted sage, mentor, healer, blogger, author and chef. She injects humor and practical wisdom into everything she does in life. She took the position at Michael’s House as a way to be of service to others who struggle with a dual diagnosis. In her early 20s, she sought treatment for depression, which she managed and controlled by substance abuse. At age 30, she entered a treatment facility that was equipped to provide hope. It was there that her spiritual journey took form. Entering treatment in a psych ward was the beginning of a long path toward recovery. While in treatment, Renee was given tools, art and an understanding psychiatrist who was able to honestly explain her predicament. Today Renee lives a full life, as she is equipped with a spiritual solution. Through her journey, she continues to offer hope to those who still suffer.

Renee was the founder and former director for Desert Holistic Network, a Southern California network of heart-centered entrepreneurs. She also mentored guests as the resident shaman for the We Care Holistic Spa. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, she has owned and successfully operated restaurants and catering companies and has spent ten years as a corporate executive. Renee is a dynamic business leader and a humble servant of her community and the world at large.