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Risks of Crystal Meth Abuse and Addiction

Crystal meth is a highly addictive stimulant drug that is often created in hidden kitchens and labs tucked away in every part of the country.

Crystal methEvery part of this drug– from its production to the results of abuse and addiction– is toxic and damaging to the person as well as his or her family members and the community at large. Here’s what happens when people continue to live with crystal meth addiction.

Risks of Crystal Meth Abuse and Addiction

Crystal meth affects the body and brain significantly. Crystal meth addiction affects the entire life of the person who uses it– the risks of avoiding treatment can touch almost every part of a person’s experience. These risks include:

  • Health problems. Crystal meth damages blood vessels in the brain, which quickly leads to stroke. Increased heart rate and blood pressure caused by the drug exacerbate the problem. Heart lining inflammation, overdose, convulsions, and other issues can result, including death.
  • Mental health issues. Violent or aggressive behavior, anxiety, hallucinations, paranoia, insomnia, confusion and other mental wellness issues result when the drug is used and when addiction is present. In some cases, these issues may lead to harm to self or others.
  • Chronic disease. Those who use needles to inject crystal meth open themselves up to contracting HIV, Hepatitis C, and other viruses. Infections of the blood and heart lining are also highly possible.
  • Financial problems. Even though many patients start out taking crystal meth in order to enhance their abilities at work or school, many end up falling off in both areas when addiction takes over. The cost of missed work adds up, and then the risk of arrest or jail time compounds financial issues significantly.
  • Interpersonal issues. Relationships with significant others, close family members and friends can suffer serious consequences when crystal meth addiction takes hold.

Meth Labs Makes Crystal Meth Even More Dangerous

Crystal meth is made with common household cleaners and easy to obtain chemicals– all of which are toxic. Because the methods of production for an illegal drug are not regulated, the storage of these chemicals as well as the disposal of waste associated with the process is unregulated as well.

In fact, for every pound of crystal meth produced, six pounds of toxic waste is produced, too. This means that the ground water is affected when the waste is disposed of improperly.

Additionally, the chemicals as well as the vapors and fumes created in the production of crystal meth are highly flammable. Fires and explosions are very common– a threat to those in the meth lab as well as neighbors and anyone else in the vicinity. Toxic fumes from meth fires or explosions are lethal.

Get Help Today

If crystal meth addiction is a problem for you or someone you care about, contact us at Michael’s House today. We can help you to enroll in a treatment program that will help you to heal and move forward in life without addiction.


Important FAQs about Crystal Meth Addiction

Do you have questions about crystal meth addiction? It’s one of the most dangerously addictive drugs out there today. Take a look at these FAQ’s to brush up on your knowledge about crystal meth.


Why Do People Start Using Meth

Methamphetamine is a type of stimulant drug. It can make people feel invincible and full of endless energy. Construction workers, students, over-the-road truckers, and others might try crystal meth as a way to stay awake and get things done.

Stimulants also have appetite-reducing qualities. Some young women use meth as a way to keep their weight down. It’s also used as a recreational drug at parties, just for the sake of getting high. Also, people experiencing depression may use it to escape their feelings of despair. People who keep using it want to experience the euphoria they felt during their first use.

Why Is Crystal Meth Addiction So Addictive

Crystal meth is highly addictive, which makes it dangerous and difficult to experiment with. Regardless of why a person may start using it, they may quickly start needing it just to have any energy for the day. While the high may be very pleasurable, it’s the ugly rebound effect that gets a person hooked. They start taking more to get rid of the rebound, also hoping to catch that high again.

They use the drug frequently to manage this balance, but also need much more of the drug than before to just feel OK much less get a high. This chemical cycling of highs and lows throws off the natural chemicals in the body.

Dopamine is one of many neurotransmitter chemicals the body uses to communicate pleasure, pain, and other sensations. When an addictive drug like crystal meth is introduced, the body shuts down production of dopamine. This contributes to the awful rebound feeling and the need for more drugs. Meth literally takes over the body’s chemical messaging function, locking the person into a fierce addiction.

What Are The Health Risks of Crystal Meth

The biggest health risk is death from overdose. Meth affects the circulatory and the nervous systems. Any kind of excessive stimulation of these systems can put a person’s life at risk, especially if use is frequent and prolonged. Heart failure, brain damage, increased suicide risk, and stroke are common reasons for crystal meth fataliities.

Can You Get Over Meth Addiction On Your Own?

Not much chance of that. As stated before, crystal meth takes over the body’s chemical messaging system. When the drug isn’t taken frequently enough, withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable. The psychological addiction to meth is also very strong. People hoping to get sober from meth are in a state of physical and mental vulnerability, and meth is simply too strong. Drug rehab is the only effective way to get free from a meth addiction. It takes a lot of support, learning, and time to get back to a sober lifestyle. Doing it alone is unlikely to work.

Crystal Meth FAQ’s

There’s a lot more you can learn about crystal meth. But these hopefully these questions have covered the most important points for you. Call today to ask more questions about crystal meth addiction.