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The Connection Between Prostitution and Crystal Meth Addiction

In group therapy sessions at crystal meth rehabs across the country, patients share their drug histories and the specifics of how they knew they had hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, many patients find that they have one grueling experience in common: trauma that was defined by turning tricks or being forced into the sex trade to maintain use of crystal meth or other drugs.

Unfortunately, experience in prostitution or sex trade hardly makes the process of getting clean any easier. Rather, it brings an added dimension to the experience of active addiction which requires those who seek treatment to go deeper than most, addressing the mental health issues and trauma that occurred while they were working.

Prostitution: A Sign It’s Time for Change

Street prostituteThere’s no denying it – if you are selling sexual services in order to make money for drugs, you have definitely hit rock bottom.

Prostitution is not restricted by gender, financial background, or age. Prostitution income varies widely, but the act of selling one’s body eventually takes a toll. Health, confidence, a sense of safety, personal value, and happiness all pay a price with this work. Prostitution exposes individuals to a great deal of abusive language, actions, and dangerous situations. It can also lead to extreme isolation, and sharply increased drug use.

For many, depression and anxiety that results from prostitution can eventually become debilitating. If sexual trauma or violent attack occurred, healing from that through therapy is imperative if relapse is to be avoided.

Finding Safety if You Are Forced into Sex Trade

If you are forced to engage in physical acts by another person, it is time to seek help and safety. Sex slavery still exists in the United States today, and it happens among every income class, age, and background.

Many major metropolitan police departments contain specialized sex trafficking units. These teams are not designed to arrest or punish those who have been forced into sex trade. These units are designed to help people who have been forced into sex trade escape safely. As awareness about the reality of sex trafficking grows, assistance for those in need also grows. Domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, police departments, schools, and first responders are more aware of these situations and more equipped to handle these situations than ever before.

In some cases, drug and alcohol rehab offers a safe haven to escape a terrible situation. Treatment that is out of state or far away from dangerous situations can help aid this safety. It is possible to escape these terrible situations.

Treatment for Trauma and Addiction

In some cases, those who have lived with crystal meth addiction and turned to prostitution will benefit from dual diagnosis treatment in order to get the comprehensive care they need. Dual diagnosis treatment works to treat both an addiction, and a mental health concern such as PTSD or anxiety, all at the same time. Both crystal meth and work as a prostitute can be damaging to a person’s mental health. Crystal-meth-induced psychosis is fairly common and, depending upon how long the patient worked as a prostitute, the emotional trauma can be just as difficult to work through as the addiction. Often, patients self-medicate the emotional issues with alcohol and drugs, making it important to treat both problems at the same time for the best chance at a full recovery.

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