At Michael’s House, we offer support and understanding for LGBT individuals seeking recovery. We understand that different populations have different needs, and to meet those unique needs we offer integrated treatment with gender-specific programs for both men and women. Within those programs, there is also a specific track for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. The goal isn’t to separate – participants are still part of the larger population – but to provide a safe place to address both the external and internalized oppression that can often present barriers to an LGBT individual’s recovery from addiction and mental health issues. Our philosophy is to approach each patient with acceptance and nonjudgment, and our integrative model is highly supportive of the LGBT community.

LGBT Programming at Michael’s House

The LGBT track at Michael’s House was created out of a natural response to LGBT individuals coming to us from near and far looking for a safe place to recover from addiction and mental health issues. We show our support in a variety of ways. Michael’s House works to provide an LGBT affirmative environment within the community as well as offering support by participating in the Palm Springs gay pride parade. Our diverse staff is proud to be part of an integrated program where the LGBT and heterosexual communities work through their issues together as they deal with real life during treatment and in ongoing recovery.

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