Depending on which Michael’s House campus you are attending — Michael’s House Treatment Center, Outpatient Center, or Transitional Living — you will be able to experience different types of groups and activities.

The treatment programs at Michael’s House are based on the award-winning system of care developed by its parent company, Foundations Recovery Network. They’re designed to integrate care for both substance use and mental health conditions in a comprehensive way that allows for long-term healing and recovery.

We support patients with an integrated, multi-disciplinary team. Primary therapists, consulting physicians, residential therapists, nurses, group leaders, recovery counselors, and others are all certified and part of each patient’s treatment team. This team meets weekly to discuss the progress of each patient and to plan for his or her stability and recovery.

Michael’s House Treatment Components

  • Daily Goals Group

    The treatment day begins with planning for success by setting and sharing goals.

  • Exercise

    Morning walks and hikes in the beautiful California desert provide healing for mind, body, and spirit.

  • Education Group

    Education on topics ranging from family dynamics, sleep hygiene, medication, grief, and more provided by licensed therapists and/or nurses.

  • Process Group

    Generally gender-specific group therapy facilitated by the primary therapist.

  • Dialectical Behavior Skills Group

    Dedicated time to learn and practice new strategies to cope with life stressors and emotional discomfort.

  • Holistic Services

    Stretching, yoga, tai chi, etc. to further heal mind, body, and spirit.

  • Coping Skills Review

    Groups focused on learning and practicing additional strategies to cope with stress, hurt, anger, fear, and pain provided by licensed therapists and/or nurses.

  • LGBTQ+ Process Group

    Dedicated group and safe space to focus on the specific needs of the LGBTQ+ individual’s treatment experience.

  • Recovery Activities

    Speaker meetings, recovery book studies, dual recovery groups, etc.

  • Wrap Up Group

    The treatment day ends with a contemplative review of the ups and downs to help celebrate success and cement learning.

Specialized Services

LGBTQ+ Informed Services

The goal of offering our LGBTQ+ informed services and groups isn’t to separate – participants are still part of the larger population – but to provide a safe place to address both the external and internalized oppression that can often present barriers to an LGBTQ+ individual’s recovery from addiction and mental health issues. Our philosophy is to approach each patient with acceptance and nonjudgment, and our integrative model is highly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Adventure Experiences

Adventure therapy offers patients the opportunity to develop important life skills by exploring personal issues beyond the walls of the treatment center in a safe, supportive environment under the guidance and support of trained mental health professionals and certified Wilderness First Responders. Activities may include hiking, rock climbing, zip-lining, and cooperative team-building games. At Michael’s House, adventure therapy is an integrated piece of each patient’s routine.

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The treatment professionals at Michael’s House craft a treatment plan for each patient that speaks directly to their needs and the circumstances surrounding their individual situation. The result is a “whole body” approach to treatment that uplifts the mind, body, and spirit while helping the individual build toward a sustainable life in recovery. If you have any questions about the treatment services at Michael’s House Treatment Center please give us a call at 760-548-4032.

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