What to Bring

Packing for rehab may be a painstaking process for some and hardly given a thought by others. The fact is that the time you take to pack correctly can be an investment that will pay off throughout your treatment program. If you don’t have what you need while you’re in recovery, you’ll be uncomfortable and unhappy -and few programs provide the time or opportunity to shop for needed items, especially during the first couple of weeks of treatment. If you count on having a certain item with you only to have it taken away because it is considered a “contraband item,” you may be sorely disappointed and have a hard time focusing on treatment.

The Michael’s House treatment team reserves the right to prohibit, on an individual basis, items that have a strong potential of interfering with recovery. All personal items will be subject to search by agency staff at admission, randomly and following passes from therapeutic off-campus outings.If you have questions about admissions, please call our admissions center.

Speak with an Admissions Coordinator 877-345-8494