5 Addiction Symptoms

Vicodin addiction symptoms are the first signs that most family members receive that tip them off to the possibility that their loved one is living with Vicodin addiction. For those who take Vicodin according to a prescription and are physically dependent but not addicted to the drug, these symptoms should not manifest. Rather, if someone you love is taking Vicodin and exhibiting these symptoms, addiction is the likely cause and addiction treatment at a certified facility like Michael’s House is the recommended treatment.


#1: “Nodding Out” Regularly

This is generally the first sign that your loved one is using heroin regularly and addicted to the drug. The first few times it happens and you question it, the addict will most likely snap irritably that they are “just tired.” When it happens repeatedly, even in the middle of conversations or when the person is trying to focus, then the issue could be opioid use and addiction.

#2: Obsession with Vicodin

Obsession with Vicodin (getting more, maintaining a steady supply, the timing and amount of doses) combined with compulsively taking the drug when stressed or the most extreme euphoric effects have worn off often defines Vicodin addiction.

#3: Extreme Physical Side Effects

When you take Vicodin, you will likely experience some side effects when you first start taking the drug, but these side effects should level out as you adjust to your dosage and should not persist. For those who are addicted to the drug, they are generally taking more than they are prescribed and therefore experiencing side effects that are more intense and long lasting. These may include some or all of the following in varying degrees: paranoia and anxiety or incoherent sedation, severe mood swings, nodding out or passing out, nausea and vomiting, and an inability to focus on a conversation or task.

#4: Procuring More Vicodin Fraudulently

Inevitably, the body adjusts to Vicodin the longer you take it and develops a tolerance for the drug. You begin to need more and more of the drug in order to feel the euphoric effects. Most doctors won’t simply increase your dose because you ask, so those who are addicted to the drug are often forced to procure more painkillers fraudulently, either through “doctor shopping” to get duplicate prescriptions or writing fake prescriptions themselves. This is a big red flag that Vicodin addiction is an issue.

#5: Extreme Personal Loss

Everyone has problems in their relationship or experiences money issues or has a difficult time meeting deadlines at work from time to time. Those who are addicted to Vicodin, however, can’t keep up with anything. At the onset of addiction, they often have financial difficulties, interpersonal issues, and a hard time keeping up with appointments all because their Vicodin addiction is overwhelming them.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment at Michael’s House

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