Myths and Facts

While there is no denying that Heroin is one of the most destructive, addicting drugs in the world, there is still a great deal of misinformation floating around that keeps people from knowing EVERYTHING they need to know about the drug. Here then, are some of the most common misconceptions about heroin addiction… and the real truth you need to know.

Myths and Facts about Heroin

Myth: Heroin is less dangerous when smoked or snorted
Fact: Heroin is a deadly, highly-addictive drug no matter how it is ingested into the body.

The only risk-factor that is diminished when snorting or smoking the drug is the risk if HIV transmission through infected needles. But even this conclusion is a weak one, when one considers that Heroin use leads to the individual being place in bad sexual situations, which are often accompanied by unprotected sex. Heroin is a killer no matter how it is taken.

Myth: Heroin is a drug abused only by older drug users
Fact: For many years a large percentage of heroin users were aged 30 or older, but that number is changing.

Heroin users are beginning to skew younger -and the average age of heroin users is now 21 years old. As heroin users get younger and younger, education about the dangers of the drug becomes more important, and needs to be introduced at a younger age.

Myth: Methadone is more harmful than heroin
Fact: Over the years, there has been a backlash against the most popular form of heroin addiction treatment, methadone.

Although both heroin and methadone are both drugs per se, methadone is safer by nature because it is prescribed and administered by medical professionals in a controlled environment.

Myth: Heroin users become addicted instantly
Fact: As dangerous as heroin is, and as addictive as it can be, individually do NOT become addicted to the drug after a single use.

Generally, it takes months or longer to become truly habituated to Heroin.

Topics of Interest

Myth: Abstinence is an appropriate treatment for Heroin addiction
Fact: As much as a heroin addict may want to quit using, the fact is that very few individuals can quit on their own accord.

To quit heroin use, a qualified drug rehab program is essential. Programs such as the ones found at Michael’s House, where a caring, expertly-trained provide all phases of the heroin rehab and recovery process is a safe environment.

Myth: All heroin rehab programs are alike
Fact: Heroin rehab programs are not created equal.

Michael’s House offers high-quality care for those struggling with heroin addiction, and their families. For those who are serious about turning their lives back in the right direction, Michael’s House is the answer.

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