What is Hydrocodone?

hydrocodone addictionHydrocodone (brand name Vicodin) provides millions of people with relief from serious pain associated with illness or injury. For these individuals, hydrocodone can be a way to live a normal life while living with pain. But for many other people, hydrocodone has become an addiction. Individuals who abuse hydrocodone do so because they enjoy the opiate effect the drug has on the system. But more often than not, the euphoria caused by the drug slips away after prolonged use, and all that is left is the addiction -which can cause severe health issues and lead to loss of career or family.

But What Makes Hydrocodone so Addictive?

Hydrocodone changes the way the brain functions. The drug makes itself the number one priority to the brain and therefore it becomes very hard for an individual to quit hydrocodone without some kind of professional treatment. Essentially, the drug tricks the brain into stopping the productive of positive feelings -so the individual were to stop taking the drug at this point, the negative feelings of withdrawal would begin to feel overwhelming. It is at this point that the individual begins to turn more heavily to the hydrocodone in order to simply avoid bad feelings (and not create the euphoric effect the hydrocodone once provided).

Once the brain changes enough so that hydrocodone becomes the

most important thing in a person’s life — that is when addiction occurs. Once addicted to hydrocodone, individuals have been known to steal, lie to doctors and fake illnesses in order to obtain the drug.

To make matters even worse, as an individual takes more and more hydrocodone, he develops a tolerance to the drug. Subsequently, it takes more and more of the drug to feed the craving and attain the same opiate effect. And the more Vicodin an individual takes, the more intense the withdrawal symptoms he will experience when stopping.

What Hydrocodone Addiction Means to You

hydrocodone addiction treatment

Because of the severe mental stress an individual experiences during Vicodin withdrawal, it is important that they are in the care of professionals when they attempt to detox off of the medication. Michael’s House provides expertise and a caring staff to insure that the patient has a safe zone in which to go their withdrawal symptoms and eventually detox from Vicodin. At Michael’s House, we are experts at providing care to those going through Vicodin withdrawal and their families.

Michael’s House understands Vicodin use and drug addiction -and the emotional and psychological conditions that can lead to despair, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. We are here to help you. We are experts who care. Call us at 1-877-345-8494 .